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Samsung is a brand that needs not to be introduced. This is due to the fact that the kind of fame it has gained stand matchless in the market for any other brand. The customer base is increasing to the widest where the list of Samsung product has gone everlasting.

Pone among all such offerings is the new Samsung N140 that is offering absolute desktop comfort no matter wherever you take it. This Samsung laptop model is the new netbook that as got to feature 10"of sleeker dimensions. Considered to be an apt substitute for the original NC10 netbook, this netbook model has been improved manifolds. As compared to the previous offerings, this netbook has got to feature better sound quality, better processor, bigger touch pad and better operating system with Windows 7 Startup. The design of this model has set quite simpler with the same battery and screen resolution that appeals the users.

The Samsung N140 has a great matt display where the screen is set quite bright does not pose problems using this outdoors. The text is visible enough on its matt display that is now considered to be far better than the glossy ones. Those who love top work with calm devices, this laptop is possible click for them. The best part about its working is that it is too quiet and hard to realize that it has a fan. The touchpad is of ideal size having multi touch scrolling thus supporting its nice texture and smooth chassis. The keyboard has a standard size with large key size to permit long hours of uninterrupted an easy typing speed. The audio quality is also set quite good with its stereo speakers and SRS technology. With decent volume the sound that comes from the bottom falls easy on ears.

The 5200 mamp battery pledges to last for 5 hours when it is being used at 60% brightness coupled by web browsing and watching you tube videos. Equipped with only one slot for RAM, the machine can be easily upgraded by opening the machine. This netbook comes with windows 7 startup making it an ideal and worthy netbook. Overall it can be said that this netbook is good for working on the go. In case you wish to know whether it suits your budget or not, you can scroll through the Samsung laptops price list online.
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Samsung Laptop- Samsung N140

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This article was published on 2011/02/10