Features and functions of a camera netbook: A quick look

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A netbook is not just cheaper but it is much smaller in size. Most of them are fairly around the size of 7 inches (screen size) and are considerably lighter in weight. Hence, they make for great educational devices which can be carried by kids and students to schools and colleges.

Many netbooks now also come with a camera and are therefore much more efficient. They can come of help if the user desires to interact with someone across the net or engage in video conferencing. A cheap netbooks can be very handy and practical at the same time. It does perform all the basic functions without proving to be too burdensome in terms of weight or expenses.  These mini computers are available in different colors. While the usual black and white ones are easily available, many manufacturers are now trying to increase the visual appeal by offering pink, red or even lime green models. These deluges of colors have certainly caught the eye of the young community.

Those looking for an affordable learning tablet can definitely get good value out of them. While they are efficient and useful with multiple functions, there is one more key feature that has accentuated their demand. Most of these netbooks have advanced Android systems. They use Android 4.0 system which is pretty advanced and brings with it some extra functions. The availability of 1 GB RAM too is pretty satisfying. Furthermore, they are equipped with the now-mandatory feature of WiFi. WiFi has become extensively popular in today’s times and so not having this feature can be a big setback. But thankfully, you do not need to worry about it, since these devices do have that.

A cheap netbooks not just has a camera but it can even have flash player. This is an innovative attribute which gives a great boost to streaming and video chatting. In addition, you can expect a velvet pouch case, a mini optical mouse and a battery charger.

In a quick glance, the basic features you get with a cheap netbooks include:

- Android 4.0

- 1 GB RAM

- 7 inch screen

- Wi-Fi

- Camera with flash player

- Velvet pouch case

- Mini optical mouse

- Charger

The major benefits which the device offers can be summed up as:

i.   Netbook is a great substitute for laptops and desktops which are bigger and costlier.

ii. It is not just cheaper & smaller, but much more portable and very light.

iii. It makes for a friendly learning tablet which is being increasingly demanded by the student community and is fit for smaller kids.

iv. Despite being small in size, they do not lag behind the sophisticated laptops, and can perform all the basic functions.

v. With special features like Android 4.0, they are quick, convenient and offer multiple functions. 

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Features and functions of a camera netbook: A quick look

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Features and functions of a camera netbook: A quick look

This article was published on 2013/08/30